Friday, October 23, 2009

An open letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

You have spent the last 9 months or so reminding us at every turn that the economy was bad when you took office. Your slogan has changed from “Yes we can” to “Look at the mess we inherited”. You apparently think we don’t know this. Any question of your policies is met with a grouchy reply that you are left to clean up the mess from your predecessor. Let me go on record, on behalf of the American people to say:


We know the economy was a mess. We know that banks were failing and auto companies were collapsing. We know that there are two wars in place.

So did you!

You can stop telling us what we already know and what you already knew. If a parent comes home from a weekend away and discovers their teenagers had a party and trashed the house, that is a mess they didn’t expect. When you run as the best person to tackle the mess we already faced, you can’t hide behind that mess as an excuse. Heck, if you are running as President, you are inherently saying that you can handle whatever challenges the job throws at you. This isn’t a conditional offer. You don’t get to be “Good Times Only” President. President Bush didn’t plan on having a terrorist attack bring down the World Trade Center 8 months into his Presidency, but when it happened he took charge. You may disagree with what he did but you have to recognize that as President we expect you to lead us no matter what the challenges might be.

You didn’t discover this in January when you took office, you knew about it and promised “hope” and “change”. The only change we have seen is that things have gotten worse and the only hope we have is that you stop spending money. So here is our request. Quit telling us how bad it was when you took office, the office you spent years trying to attain, and tell us what you plan to do about it and how you plan to “fix” the economy with putting us trillions more into debt. That is all we want to hear.

Thank you for your time,

The American People
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