Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama's last stand?

President Obama is going to try to appeal to the public one more time next Wednesday in a prime time speech to a joint session of Congress. The tone surrounding this smacks of desperation. By going on live TV in front of Congress, Obama is invoking the biggest stick in a President's arsenal. Preempting prime time TV (including Wipeout, which may be ironic given what I expect to happen). I expect lots of empty rhetoric, a little demagoguery and character assassination and empty promises to save money by spending money.

It is looking likely that next Wednesday will be the battle of the Little Bighorn for Obamacare. Surrounded and outnumbered, I expect to see the same results. Should the President fail to convince Americans, as I expect he will, it could mark the end of the health reform debate for some time to come. We can only hope that this latest attempt to socialize our medical care will fail and that like the last time it was tried will lead to a change in Congressional control.
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