Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Build a statue

Senator Kennedy has only been gone a few hours and political opportunists on the left are lining up to push "health care reform", a.k.a. socialized medicine under the banner of "Do it for Ted!". I didn't like Senator Kennedy much as a person and perhaps even less as a Senator, but if you insist on honoring the man, lets declare a day of mourning, or build a monument on Cape Cod or something. But to pass a horrific health care bill that is losing support every day under the guise of finishing Ted Kennedy's legacy would be to build a trillion dollar monument, and that is something no politician deserves. I guess it is to be expected since emotional appeals are all the Left has at this stage of the socialized medicine ship sinking but they might just find that Ted Kennedy doesn't evoke warm, fuzzy feelings outside of Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.
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