Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome Back Carter!

Apparently more Democrats are starting to worry about the direction of the administration, especially those in Congress representing the wealthiest districts, according to the Wall Street Journal: Democrats' New Worry: Their Own Rich Voters. I found this statement to be especially interesting:

Election gains in some of these affluent regions have helped give Democrats big majorities in the House and Senate. Of the 25 richest districts, 14 are represented by Democrats, according to Congressional Quarterly. In 1995, Democrats represented just five of those districts.

Huh, see we are always being told that Republicans are the party of the rich. Guess that may not be true. I wondered what these people driving BMWa and Mercedes-Benz with Obama bumper stickers were thinking. If you were paying even a little bit of attention during the race, which apparently most people were not, you would have known that we were in for massive spending and tax increases.

We are about to see a massive increase on taxes that will take the top tax rate to around 47%, the highest it has been since 1986 when President Reagan successfully rewrote the tax code. You may wonder why you should care that those rich people are paying “their fair share”. After all I doubt too many people reading this are millionaires.

People who are millionaires are not idiots. They can afford the finest tax attorneys and CPAs and investment specialists. There are plenty of ways for them to hide their income. So guess what is going to happen when these magic tax revenues don’t materialize to pay for all of this new spending? The old liberal shuffle starts and next thing you know a lot of people who used to be middle-class find out they became “rich” and congratulations on your newfound wealthy status, now you get to pay “your fair share”. The rhetoric sounds appealing to many people, let the rich pay for it, but the numbers and the reality show the lie. You cannot finance the new spending President Obama is proposing without tax increases that are going to hit a lot of Americans. The Anerican people have been sold a mess of pottage and the price was our national identity.

When you couple irresponsible economic policies that are crippling the economy with a general malaise in America and the Obama “America Apology Tour 2009” where the President and his cronies are apologizing to anyone who will listen for America being a terrible place and cozying up to thugs and dictators with “grip-and-grin” diplomacy, we find ourselves living like the late 1970’s and the age of Jimmy Carter. President Carter was a failure as a President but we find ourselves with the same leadership in 2009. I guess we didn't learn the first time.

Look around you and talk to people. People are not glad to be Americans. There is no shared sense of purpose. Maybe a shared sense of suffering, but not a belief that we can pull together as a nation and get things back on track. Americans were once a people of optimism, of a can-do spirit. Now we all look like dogs that have been hit too many times and are flinching and slinking around. You will look in vain for leadership from Washington D.C. It is about time that “we the people” start to take back our country, our national identity. We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop being envious of others, stop entertaining ourselves to death and start doing the hard work that we as a people have always been willing to do. Otherwise we will leave future generations with a mountain of debt and without a national identity other than “victim”.
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