Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Democrat Economics

If job loss is a problem in Michigan, we can fix it by making it more expensive to hire workers in Michigan! That is exactly the kind of job killing brilliance we are getting from the Michigan Democrats:

Michigan Democrats aim to test support for higher minimum wage

Here are some of the proposals:

• Raising the minimum wage in Michigan to $10/hour

• Imposing a blanket moratorium on home foreclosures for 12 months.

• Cutting utility rates 20% across the board.

• Requiring all employers to provide health care to their employees.

Why not a new law that requires any company advertising for a job opening be fined $1000 and that the recruiter will be flogged. That is about the same job killing impact we are going to see if the far left keeps running the economy. Or just arbitrarily lowering utility bills. Why stop there? Why not just slash utility bills 50%? Or slash beer prices 50%? Why stop with utility bills? Lets arbitrarily prevent home foreclosures for 12 months. A year of living in a house for free, that sort of regulation will encourage lending in Michigan! Forcing all employers to provide health insurance for their employees. Maybe I will start my new business in Indiana. Maybe I will build a new plant in Arkansas. But I sure am not going to invest in Michigan, because Michigan clearly doesn't want my business and why would Mr. Business Owner or Mr. CEO go where they are not wanted when there are 49 other states who would love to have their jobs and investment.

People who neither understand nor believe in the free market and commerce are incapable of making decisions on economic growth. This is nothing more than a thinly disguised income redistribution scheme, taking money from highly paid workers and business owners in the form of higher labor costs and higher costs for goods and services and passing that money on to the least skilled workers. In a functioning economy, the higher skilled, more educated, more experienced workers make more than those who are lower skilled, have less education and less experience. Democrats in Michigan are engaged in pure pandering and their proposals will hurt the very people most likely to get sucked into their schemes. The business owner in Holland can move somewhere else, the unemployed mother in Flint can't. The only people who will be helped by these moves are Michigan Democrat politicians and they are fully willing to sacrifice the poor they supposedly care so much about to maintain their power.
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