Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Subsidizing Sin

Apparently President Obama is going to announce major changes today that will extend benefits to homosexual “partners” of Federal employees. I am not sure what qualifies one as a “partner”. A couple of dates? Regardless, this move is going to add an expensive new benefit right to a small group of employees.

So what?

Here is the so what. By extending the very generous benefit provisions of Federal employees to their homosexual “partners”, the tax payers of this nation are in essence subsidizing and giving tacit approval to something that many Americans find abhorrent. This is clearly a pandering move designed to pay back a generous and vocal political minority that has been growing frustrated over the pace of change. Homoseuxual activists have been taking steps lately to express their displeasure, and President Obama knows that he needs their money and their votes in 2012 if he wants to keep his job. It is also is one more step toward normalization, weaving homosexual behavior as just another normal feature of American society and taking another step down the path of complete abdication of any sort of morality. Tolerance is not the goal, normalization is. Until homosexuality is viewed in the same way as normal human sexuality and until marriage has been so redefined as to become meaningless, activists for homosexual normalization will continue to work tirelessly, knowing that momentum and apathy are on their side.

Smart homosexual activists know that massive changes are going to cause a backlash, so instead of sweeping moves they are killing morality with a death of a thousand cuts. A little here, a little there. Knock out one underpinning after another, and eventually through incremental changes and a soporific population we find ourselves abandoning any semblance of sanity and embracing utterly perversions as normal. More details are expected to be announced today, no doubt to fanfare and approving nods from the mainstream media. Also expect a number of references to how “progressive” this move is and how it contrasts with the mean-spirited Neanderthals of the Bush administration.

We are not far away from bread and circuses and an inevitable collapse.
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