Monday, June 1, 2009

A naïve blast from the past!

Some things never change. The sun rises in the east. Seasons come and go. The Detroit Red Wings win Stanley Cups. 1960’s liberals still live in a pot-induced state of reality avoidance. Exhibit A, hippie era liberal and erstwhile Presidential contender George McGovern’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal, My Advice for Obama.

Every now and again, the real liberals like George McGovern come out of wherever old hippies go to retire and spout nonsense that was proven to be such decades ago. Mr. McGovern is convinced that the United States should cut out military budget in half, in half!, in the face of a world that is increasingly dangerous with numerous rogue states on the verge of gaining nuclear weapons unimpeded by the U.N. or the Obama Administration. We should then spend those funds to the tune of $250 billion not spent on national defense on a whole jar of liberal lollypops:

If we directed the $250 billion we could save annually into national health care, improved education, a better environment and restoring our infrastructure, the nation would be more secure, better employed and have a higher standard of life. Or the savings might be used for annual reductions in the national debt.

Uh, George? Sorry to point this out, but living in a smoldering nuclear wasteland, or under Chinese dictatorship or under sharia law is not going to lead to a “higher standard of life”. The government cannot improve our standard of living, it can only impede it. Socialized health care means worse health care for everyone, with lower quality and longer waits. Improved education means more money poured down the public school sinkhole, benefitting no one but the teachers unions. A “better environment” is code for a bunch of meaningless “green” jobs that will cost American countless real jobs.

Here is where reality makes a rude appearance.

What will prevent one of these rogue states from launching a nuke at the U.S., Israel or one of our allies?

The might of the United States military

What keeps China at bay from invading Taiwan or conquering other Asian nations in the name of spreading the revolution?

The might of the United States military

What keeps North Korea from invading South Korea?

The might of the United States military

What prevents Iran from attacking Israel and igniting a conflagration that would engulf the Middle East?

The might of the United States military

What checks the ambition of dictators like Castro and Obama’s BFF Hugo Chavez?

The might of the United States military

Mr. McGovern still lives in a fantasy world where we can decrease military spending precipitously and still remain secure from the predations of psychopaths. He actually uses the end of the Cold War as a support for his vision of national suicide.

In his second term, Ronald Reagan met with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who proposed that the two countries end the Cold War and the arms race. Reagan agreed, and the danger of war between the two nuclear giants has since subsided.

You will notice please that Mr. McGovern gives Gorbachev the credit for this, as if he willingly laid down his arms just because he was a swell guy and in doing so soothed the savage beast that was warmonger Ronald Reagan. Alas reality, unfamiliar territory for Mr. McGovern, paints a very different tale.

Why did the Soviets agree to this? What drove them to the bargaining table and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union? Altruism? Revolutionary camaraderie? Nope.

The might of the United States military

Here is my advice to President Obama. Pat George McGovern on the head and send him back to whatever commune he came from with a bag of certified free trade coffee before he can convince anyone else to drink the mass suicide Koo-Aid of unilateral disarmament.
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