Monday, May 11, 2009

So there IS some government spending Obama doesn't like

One agency getting a big hit in the new budget is the DOL's Office of Labor-Management Standards . What is that you may ask? Just:

The LMRDA was enacted primarily to ensure basic standards of democracy and fiscal responsibility in labor organizations representing employees in private industry.

Or as the report summarizes that I saw this initially...

OLMS is the federal agency that investigates financial crimes that occur when union officials steal from their union. OLMS also investigates cases where union officials engage in fraud and other corrupt practices in conducting union officer elections.

So a union watchdog agency is having their budget cut by 9% in a time of unprecedented government expansion. How odd that in a day when governmental watchdogs, oversight and regulation increases dramatically, the office that watches out for union corruption is getting cut. Of course there have never been any signs of corruption in unions. I am sure this is not payback to the union bosses who helped get Obama elected. I am sure this is not hampering the efforts of Obama's buddies who control union coffers exclusively for Democrats. Must just be coincidence...
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