Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Politically savvy and forward thinking?

Check out this gushing comment on Yahoo! entertainment about George Clooney re: the Proposition 8 decision:

The politically savvy, forward-thinking George Clooney gave us his exclusive thoughts on the California State Supreme Court's nasty ruling on Prop 8 earlier today. George may be pretty to look at, but unlike some of Hollywood's elite, he has brains to back up his allure:

"This just should invigorate people to get it back on the ballot in 2010 and 2012 and every two years until all people are allowed a basic civil right."

Bravo George. Are you listening, everybody?

What about that was particularly intelligent or savvy? That was hardly a political commentary that will enter the halls of American political lore. More from the mindset of "liberal" = "intelligent" and "conservative" = "hateful Neanderthal". I hate to break it to you George, but the people already went to the ballot and struck down gay marriage in California and struck a blow for the democratic process in the fight against judicial activism just like they went to the polls and rejected your dad's bid for Congress in Northern Kentucky.
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