Monday, May 25, 2009

Gee, why does Detroit have problems?

With leaders like Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson, it is all pretty clear. According to the Free Press, Councilwoman Watson paid a whopping $68 in property taxes on her beautiful Detroit home. In Wayne county where crack houses pay more in property taxes. She even paid them separately and just didn't think it was odd.

I especially liked this part:

Watson said she was unaware of the discrepancy until the Free Press contacted her. She said the change came before she was elected to City Council -- and without her involvement.

"I pay the taxes. All I know is I had a big drop when my house got hit hard by a tornado," she said. "We had great damage."

Watson said she could not recall the specific date the tornado hit, saying it might have been 2002, or perhaps 1993.

She acknowledged, however, that she never reported the incident. National Weather Service meteorologists said the last tornadoes to hit Detroit occurred in 1996 and 1997 -- before Watson says her taxes were reduced because of what she called "the natural disaster."

I should think that your house being hit by a tornado would leave an impression on you. At least to the extent that you could pinpoint which decade it happened in.

Two things here. Either she is a liar who is content to let others foot the bill in Wayne County for the services she votes for or she is completely dense and has no clue that $68 is ridiculous to pay in property taxes. Either way she is a perfect example (as if we needed more) of how messed up Detroit is and why it will never get any better with these clowns in charge.
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