Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on the Tea Party rallies

The Tax Day Tea Party in Lansing reportedly attracted almost 5000 people. That is huge for a smaller city like Lansing and it really speaks to how deep the resentment and anger over the government driving this nation even further into a state of perpetual indebtedness is.

What I find really funny is the way that liberals react to these rallies.

When liberals protest, it is portrayed as a noble expression of free speech, the pinnacle of American political freedoms, a reminder of the good old days of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement. Forget the fact that half of the people at these leftist marches have no idea what or why they are protesting, they just see it as a chance to get together with other out of work wannabee hippies, call police officers “fascist pigs” (even though they have no idea what fascism is), cause property damage and smoke some dope afterwards in the afterglow of liberal self-righteous indignation.

When law abiding, tax paying, family raising, gainfully employed conservatives hold peaceful rallies, it is sneered at by liberals. It is a waste of time, misplaced, ineffective. It is mocked. It is anything but an expression of free speech because the only free speech that liberals think is protected under the First Amendment is subversive, socialist free speech. Lest you think that is hyperbole, look at the reaction to speakers on campus. Any leftist loon you can drag out of a closet is welcome, no matter how crazy or repugnant or discredited their views are. They must be allowed to speak! Bring a conservative to campus, no matter how qualified or credentialed, and you will get howls of protest, boycotts and even acts of violence. Free speech for liberals is a pretty selective concept.

Mockery aside, the undercurrent in America is turning angrier by the day. I would hate to be an incumbent up for reelection in 2010, especially if I was a Democrat in a conservative leaning state. With any luck Obama’s insane socialist policies will cause carnage among the ranks of Democrats in 2010 and they will be replaced by real conservatives who will stand up to Obama and really rein in spending.
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