Monday, April 20, 2009

Just one of the guys

An excellent editorial appeared in the Journal this morning by Latin America specialist Mary Anastasia O'Grady on the missed opportunity of the recent Summit of the Americas, which will be remembered for the embarrassing spectacle of a President of the United States being treated like a fool by the worst dictators in this hemisphere. The entire short article is worth a read but one of her comments deserves deeper thought…

In recent years, that repression has spread from Cuba to Venezuela, and today millions of Latin Americans live under tyranny. As the leader of the free world, Mr. Obama had the duty to speak out for these voiceless souls. In this he failed.

So here is the problem with that statement. It is absolutely correct that the President of the United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world and as such should take every opportunity to stand up for the repressed (and no one in America is repressed) and speak out for freedom. It is also true that President Obama failed miserably in that charge, instead trying to fit in like a new kid at school and be accepted as “one of the guys”. The problem with her statement is that Barack Obama doesn’t see America as the leader of the free world, he sees America as the problem. America as the nation that freed the world from tyranny in World War II, that defended the South Korean people from the totalitarian regime that still occupies the North, that defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War and has kept the worst dictators in the world in check for the last 50 years doesn’t exist. America is a land that needs apologizing for, for faults real and more often imagined. President Obama is far too eager to blame his predecessor for every ill that bedevils the world and offering many a mea culpa for not being nice enough to dictators and terrorists in the past 8 years.

People are not lining up to emigrate to Venezuela or Cuba. People risk life and limb to sneak into this country because America is still, in spite of the efforts by liberals to undermine our nation, seen by most people in the rest of the world as the land of opportunity and the freest country in the world. Not the snobbish elites who live well in the rest of the world., but average working people who want to build a life for themselves. It is a shame that the President of this country doesn’t share their admiration.
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