Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

Today millions of smiling Americans will file and pay their taxes, confident that their government will spend their hard earn dollars wisely and effectively. There is no greater joy than seeing your money being put to use by our best and brightest, folks who have your self-interest and the stability and security of our nation as their first priority.

Wait a second. What do you mean; most people are resentful about pouring their hard earned money down the sinkhole known as the Federal government?

Not everyone is content to let another April 15th go by without making their voices heard. The Tea Party protests that are occurring all over the country today have gotten a lot of press. Very loosely organized and driven mainly by the internet, Americans in some numbers are taking a stand and saying enough is enough. From sending tea bags to Congress to rallies in cities around the nation, the word is out that unrestrained government spending must stop. The government is supposed to govern with the consent of those being governed, and we who are being governed need to remind our paid public servants of that fact.

What I found interesting in an article in the Wall Street Journal is that many of these protests are not organized by political groups or by politicians. These are not Republican rallies, these are grassroots taxpayers who have had enough and are sick of watching their money wasted and their taxes going up year after year. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is an American issue and people of all stripes have had it with

Unfortunately, unlike the liberal opposition which can round up unemployed rabble-rousers and paid professional protestors, conservatives typically have jobs and are at work during prime protesting hours. That tends to keep the numbers down. In addition, average Americans are more likely to just grin and bear it than the average liberal who is looking for an excuse to protest something instead of getting a job. Frankly, something needs to be done and these Tea Party rallies are a good place to start. The Obama administration is bent on bankrupting this country and seems to think that they have an unlimited pool of money to draw from. If we don’t start to make our voices heard, the voices of the tens of millions of working Americans who are funding Obama’s grand social experiment in wealth transference and neo-Marxist state control of the industrial, financial, energy and health industries, Obama and his puppet masters will transform this once great nation into a Third World sewer.
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