Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Credit where credit is due

Kudos to President Obama for boycotting the U.N. racism conference. While opposing racism is a noble and necessary task, this conference shows all the signs of turning into yet another chance for people like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to pontificate about the horrors of Islamophobia while refusing to renounce his calls for the extermination of Israel. The goal of many of the nations participating is two-fold: denunciation of Israel and legal bans on free speech that criticizes Islam. True to form, Ahmadinejad went off on a screed denouncing Israel yesterday at the conference. Thankfully, 40 or so diplomats got up and walked out showing some unusual courage and spine rarely seen from U.N. diplomats.

The utter uselessness of the UN and the real danger to American liberty is on full display at these UN conferences where overtly racist regimes lecture democratic nations about equality and notorious human rights violators sit in judgment of free nations. Not all nations are equal, as un-PC as that notion sounds. The UN doesn’t call on Lichtenstein or Tanzania when there is an international crisis that requires military force. They call on us. Yet we let the UN pretend that there is a real egalitarianism among the nations of the world. The less developed nations, the nations living under dictators and despots should be encouraged to seek freedom and the free countries of the world should support them. In this effort to foster human rights and freedom in the world, the United States has and should continue to lead the way. Being politically correct is onerous enough in the make-believe world of academia, but in the real world being PC can cost lives and freedom.
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