Friday, June 16, 2017

Love Of Power Is Not The Same As Love Of Country

Following the shooting of House Majority Whip Scalise and three others by a leftist loon (somewhat redundant, I know), President Trump released the obligatory and predictable statement condemning the attack, calling us to come together, etc. It was completely forgettable and I would rather he had skipped this predictable exercise that we go through after every tragedy. His visit to the hospital was far more noteworthy. But one line in the statement stood out to me, not because it was profound but because it was an obvious lie.
We may have our differences, but we do well, in times like these, to remember that everyone who serves in our nation’s capital is here because, above all, they love our country.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and a son of globalist
demagogue and puppet-master George Soros. How very cozy.
Does anyone seriously think that Nancy Pelosi is in Congress because she loves this country? Or that Chuck Schumer is in the Senate and pals around with the Soros family because he loves this country? In the spirit of bi-partisanship, do you really think Mitch McConnell, as worthless a Majority leader as the Senate has ever seen and the most pitiful excuse for a "conservative" this side of George Will, is in the Senate because he loves this country?

What about lobbyists? Federal bureaucrats? Various trade associations and law firms and sundry other groups? Do they all love this country? I don't doubt some of them do but no doubt a lot of them like their job or at least the benefits or happen to live there.

Or, as is I suspect very common, they love the power. They may not have much but they like being in the vicinity of the power. Smelling it, rubbing shoulders with it on the Metro, seeing it walking around, surrounding them in every grotesque Federal office building that controls and dictates the lives of hundreds of millions of people. I have spent some time in D.C. and you can feel it. You can feel the difference. There is some of this when you are in the financial districts of big cities. The tall, imposing buildings full of people that think they are super important convey that sense of power. I imagine that is what it is like on Wall Street but I have actually never been to New York City, one of the few major cities I have not been to on business., but I suspect it is similar. But D.C. seems to throb with power. Everyone seems to look at everyone else as either someone to envy or someone to look down on depending on their place on the Washington social strata. Plus there is the weird love-hate relationship people who live there have with the city. They all complain incessantly about traffic, crime, cost of living, tourists, etc. but they would never leave. If I disliked somewhere as much as so many people in D.C. do, I would leave but they don't because you can't get a taste of that power anywhere else.

There is a difference between loving this country and loving what this country can do for you.

A huge difference.

I know this. Anyone with any sense knows this. I know for a certainty that President Trump, a man who spent his life running in the power circles and buying and selling politicians, knows this far better than I do. So why say something like that?

It is just what you do when you are President. The whole game in D.C. is a giant farce put on to distract us. The truth, or at least the first whiff of truth, is that no matter who wins or who loses an election, the same people stay in power. Sure, if Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer switched places as Majority/Minority leader it would mean a little more power for one and a little less for the other but they would still be enormously powerful, wealthy, influential and sucked up to. For a man who campaigned that he would "drain the swamp", President Trump seems to find that the swamp ain't all that bad and kind of suits him these days.

Sometimes you drain the swamp, sometimes the swamp drains you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This Is The World We Live In

Unless you have been completely out of the loop, you know that a fruitcake supporter of Bernie Sanders, a fanboy of Rachel Madcow Maddow, 66 year old James Hodgkinson opened fire today on a large group of Republican Congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game against their Democrat counterparts. Reports are still coming in but it looks like this guy was a fan of every leftist group around, from Bernie Sanders to the Southern "Poverty" Law Center, which ironically claims to identify people who hold hateful ideology, and Media Matters, one of the most intractable and obsessive leftist engines on the internet.

The FBI is seeking information on this guy, it certainly seems like he acted alone but who knows?

One of the wounded is the Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who is listed in critical condition, as is a lobbyist who was there. A Congressional staffer and two cops were also wounded. You can watch the video taken by a cell phone here if you want.

What are we to make of this?

The first and most obvious thing is that this is what we should expect in an era of overheated rhetoric laced with violent suggestions. The American Left has been engaged in an orgy of assassination porn from the New York play mimicking Trump being assassinated to "comedian" Kathy Griffin holding a mock severed head that was made to appear like it belonged to the President of the United States. Who can forget Madonna and her juvenile bluster about blowing up the White House or this ironic picture:

Spoiler: There are actually two clowns in that photo. Keeping it in the family, the nephew of Mr. Dogg, some nobody who calls himself Bow Wow, blustered about "pimping out" the First Lady of the United States, thereby unintentionally reinforcing any number of stereotypes about black men.

Weird, who could have predicted that the endless attacks by the media and "entertainment" figures would lead to violence from unhinged people? It is worth repeating yet again that while the rhetoric is super-heated on both sides, the violence leading up to and following the election has been overwhelmingly one-sided and the side it emanates from is the Left.

Second, these are perilous times we live in. It has been my opinion since the election that we were headed for partisan bloodshed sooner rather than later and I was correct, unfortunately. Absent the police being there because of the Majority Whip this could have been a situation where dozens of sitting Congressmen were assassinated in broad daylight. I am not sure what that would have meant for this country but it would have been unprecedented in my lifetime. I have a hard time seeing how this country doesn't come apart at the seams, literally, in the next five years. The only question is how bloody it gets. I hope that doesn't happen but I can't really see a way forward when you look at the state of this country, our debt load, our diminished economy, etc. It is something of a comfort that this gunman was an idiot and an awful shot which helped mitigate the potential carnage.

Third, it is even more obvious now than ever that the media in this country is not a news source but a partisan mouthpiece mostly for the Left. As more and more people realize and embrace this, we see more and more people gravitating to echo chambers whether on the right or the left. At least conservatives for the most part realize they are doing this while the left seems to think that their hyper-partisan favorites are somehow the unbiased news sources. While the "mainstream" media obsesses over Russia and the NBA champs (who knew the NBA was still a thing?) boycotting the White House visit to whimsical musings about impeachment without a shred of evidence to outright calls for open revolt, there are many people who soak that up and that leads to losers opening fire on Congressmen playing baseball.

Fourth and finally, and more on this later, we are seeing that the old dichotomy of liberal-conservative, left-right, no longer are accurate descriptions of our political situation. It has evolved way beyond that but most of the energy is still spent on useless battles while the real struggle is happening elsewhere.

This is a sad day for America and for our grand experiment of liberty and freedom in a Constitutional republic. Benjamin Franklin once was said to have responded to a question about the sort of government the Constitutional Convention had given the American people. His reply is said to have been "A republic, if you can keep it". The reason for his warning seems clear today and the response is sadly looking very much like we are no longer able to keep the republic they gave us.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Speaking Of The Mad Queen

Hillary tries to be funny on Twitter

Hillary is not funny

Donald Trump, Jr. Replies

Hillary Gets #REKT

The Madness Of Queen Hillary

So check this out...

"I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost,” she said at the annual Code Conference in California. “Anti-American forces are going after our economy and they are going after our unity as a nation."

It sort of reminds me of another person who was never at fault:

Hillary Solo!

First the delicious irony. Here is someone who described millions of Americans as "deplorables", essentially irredeemable people who deserved that insult by virtue of not obediently voting for Mrs. Clinton. Yet she is deeply concerned about "our unity as a nation". The only unity she is interested in is unity based on her being in charge. In other words the same sort of "unity" we see in places like North Korea where the people are unified under a single glorious leader. In America, a place Mrs. Clinton seems unfamiliar with, we have a history of patriotic dissent but that apparently shouldn't be permitted according to people like Mrs. Clinton and Mayor Ted "Joseph Stalin Wannabe" Wheeler in Portland.

She colluded with the DNC to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign, she colluded with the media who gave her advance notice of debate questions. She is a terrible, arrogant person that conducted a predictably terrible and arrogant campaign. She apparently listened to mental midgets like Rachel Maddow who assured us that even if Donald Trump had the best day ever he would still lose (I can't get enough of this video of Maddow slowly melting down on camera while that nasty smirk slowly goes away to be replaced by a petulant tantrum) and didn't spend any time in places like Michigan and Wisconsin and that cost her the White House. She is perhaps the least likable public figure since Nixon and has left a trail of scandals (Whitewater, the email server, Benghazi, her influence selling family "foundation") as well as a trail of bodies in her wake. Still we hear there are lots of reasons she lost but none of them have anything to do with her. It was Russia, it was the FBI, it was the alt-right, it was Pepe memes, it was Russia, it was the DNC, it was Russia, it was misogyny, it was Russia. Did I mention Russia?

I have watched a lot of elections come and go but I can't ever remember anyone refusing to move on after losing. Not even Al Gore. Although Al is still badgering us about phony "mad-made climate change" while living in a huge, energy burning mansion and flying around the world in a greenhouse gas emitting jet to scold America, at least he isn't whining about the election he lost. McCain, Romney, Gore, Kerry, Dole, Bush, Dukakis, Mondale, Carter. They lost and they went on with their lives. Not Hillary. Like her former boss Obama who can't get enough media attention now that he is out of office, Hillary just can't let it go. After creeping around the woods for a short time, with the occasional "impromptu" photo op with distressed supporters, she is endlessly on the news whining about why she lost.

She is really becoming kind of unhinged. I am convinced her whole existence, her whole reason for being, was to become the first female President. Do you think she married Bill out of love or because he was ambitious? Do you think she stayed with him after all of the scandals because she is just a "stand by your man" kinda gal? Oh, she specifically said she wasn't. Everything she has done for decades led up to the 2016 election. She didn't get the nomination in 2008 but that was because she was up against the eventual first black President so I think she was sort of OK with that but assumed that when Obama left office she would step right in. The media lapdogs assured her that she would win, her sycophantic advisers assured her she would win, her tiny "crowds" of supporters at campaign stops reinforced this. She created an entire worldview based on a coronation, a cosmic inevitability that she would be elected in a landslide.

Then in one glorious night it all came crashing down and I think something snapped in Mrs. Clinton. I think she is off her rocker and I also think she somehow thinks that something is going to magically happen, Trump will get impeached and in spite of the Constitution we the people will come to our senses and on bended knee beg her to be our President, President Hillary Clinton, first of her name. I really think she thinks that. I guess the alternative, that she will never be President, that her party has moved on and is no longer interested in her brand of sanitized corporate liberalism, is too horrifying for her to contemplate so her mind has created an alternate reality but unlike most people who get professional mental health care when they have a psychotic break, she is being egged on by her only true supporters left, the sold out mainstream media and the silly children on college campuses. Her slide into madness is only accelerating.

In all seriousness, I dislike Hillary Clinton. Actually I despise her and am sick to death of her whining. Nevertheless it is pretty unseemly and more than a little disturbing to watch her slowly unravel mentally in real time. She turns 70 this year and is spending her remaining years in a fever swamp. Someone close to her, assuming there is anyone, needs to give her a heavy dose of reality. Otherwise she is going to end up on her death bed mumbling about the Russians, going to her grave cursing Putin and standing at her Judgment still thinking that she really won the election. That isn't a fate I wish on anyone.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pop Quiz!

OK without Googling can you tell which person pictured below is a threat to America?

First up...

...Steve Bannon, adviser to President Trump, former chair of Breitbart news and a top five bogeyman of the Left.

Second we have.....

Richard Spencer. He is the founder of and famous for being the most visible spokesperson of that movement as well as for his "fashy" haircut and getting sucker punched.

Next we have....

David Duke. Duke is a former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and is a favorite bogeyman of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a "hate group watch-dog" / highly successful "fundraising" organization. Duke was also a one term state legislator in Louisiana as well as running unsuccessfully for the Congress, Senate, the Governor and twice for President.

Finally we have....

Ted Wheeler, the happy go lucky mayor of Portland, Oregon. Ted is a predictably leftist, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homsexuality, etc.

So which is the threat to America?

If you guessed Ted Wheeler....


Why would such an innocuous looking smiley fella be more dangerous than the other three? Well in the wake of the stabbing death of two men in Portland who tried to intervene when a deranged guy apparently started yelling and ranting at two women on a train, the good Mayor is trying to quash a peaceable assembly that he happens to find offensive. As a side note, another man was also stabbed and is in serious condition. All three of these men did what men are supposed to do, namely protect women. I guess the patriarchy does have some uses after all. Anyway, this guy has been immediately labelled a "white supremacist" by the "mainstream" media even though there ample evidence from social media that this guy was actually a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter (is there another kind?) who pretty much hated anyone and everyone depending on the day and his mood. Bernie Sanders supporters are well-known for their white supremacist tendencies. Another ironic side note, we are told that no matter how many times Muslim terrorists blow up innocent civilians, we can never blame Muslims as a whole. Guilt by association and all that. When a guy who is not recognized as part of the white supremacist / white nationalist / alt-right / whatever kills people in a fit of rage, it is not only OK but required to lump everyone who questions mass immigration in with him.

Proof of that and why I say Ted Wheeler is a danger to America is that there is apparently an "alt-right" rally scheduled in Portland and Mayor Wheeler is calling on the rally to be cancelled out of "respect" but what he said as part of that statement is what is extremely troubling, emphasis mine:

The mayor of Portland, Ore., is calling on the federal government to help him stop what he describes as two upcoming “alt-right” demonstrations as his city continues to reel from last week’s deadly train stabbings. 

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Monday while urging the organizers to cancel the events scheduled for June 4 and June 10. 

“My main concern is that they are coming to peddle a message of hatred and of bigotry,” Wheeler said. “They have a First Amendment right to speak, but my pushback on that is that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

I wonder if Mayor Wheeler has actually ever read the First Amendment because that is not what it says. At all. The ACLU agrees:

The American Civil Liberties Union immediately rejected that stance, saying, “The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators. Period.”


That is kind of the whole point of the First Amendment. If the government can allow or deny speech it dislikes then that completely negates the First Amendment. Fortunately the Feds agreed. From Fox 12 Oregon:

The federal government will not revoke the permit for a rally planned in downtown Portland on Sunday despite an impassioned plea from Mayor Ted Wheeler.
"Since the permit was lawfully obtained to assemble at this federal location, GSA has no basis to revoke the permit," according to the U.S. General Services Administration.


Liberty, freedom, the American way of life, the Constitution: 1

Leftist thought control 1984-esque wannabe tyrant Mayor: 0

More broadly speaking, this sort of assault on the First Amendment is not restricted to this event. We are already seeing the violent attacks from Leftists on college campuses. In Europe and Canada where there is no Constitution we see the government already cracking down, not on suspected Islamic militants but on people who are "Islamaphobic", also known as "Gettingblownupatconcertphobic". It is a reminder to me and should be to everyone just how precious our Bill of Rights is and how unique. It is also a reminder that there a lot of people in this country that want to control what you do, what you say, where you go, who you associate with and even what you teach your children. Cheesy grinning, Ironman Triathlon, Mt Everest climbing Mayor Teddy Wheeler is a genteel forerunner to more insidious tyranny. We must never give a single inch on the Bill of Rights because there are just too many people like Teddy who would love to dismantle the whole thing.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Russkies Are Coming! For Real This Time!

The Russians are coming for our precious bodily fluids! Or something like that.

I read something interesting this afternoon, Russia's Plans for New Nuclear Carriers And Destroyers Delayed Indefinitely. Why is this interesting? Because the Russians are once again the cartoonish villains in our cultural narrative but this time they are reviled by the Right and the Left! For the Right it is kind of the same old story, the Russians are threatening our military hegemony, we need to build more and more and more weapons to keep them in check or they will overrun Poland. For the Left the Russians are secretly the power behind Manchurian candidate and now President Trump. Anything and everything is part of the Russian conspiracy and the less substantive the accusations the better! "Sources say" is like crack to journalists.

The military threat of the Russians is completely overblown. As I have mentioned and the article reiterates, the one Russian aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is so unreliable and prone to breaking down that it is accompanied at all times by a tugboat. From 2011 to 2020 the Russians invested an extra $336.3 billion in military spending or an extra $16 billion a year. That sounds like a lot until you consider that on top of the approximately $600,000,000,000 we already spend on the military, President Trump is proposing an increase in 2018 alone of $54 billion in U.S. military spending and what additional spending the Russians are using sounds like it is not been spent in a terribly effective way. I wouldn't worry about the Russians replacing America on the top of the superpower heap.

I was a senior in high school in 1989 when the Berlin wall came down and it rocked our world. My whole life up to that point was spent in fear of the Russians. Nuclear war, movies like Red Dawn, the Russians were the scary people. I wonder what 17 year old me would think of an America 28 years later that still fears the Russian bogeyman?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

An Interesting Look At The Constitution

The United States Constitution, which is more quaint and innocent times was the law of the land, starts off with three articles that establish and create the powers and limitations of the three branches of the Federal government. I found the order and the size of each article interesting. The first article deals with the Congress, the Legislative branch. Including the headers it is 2,318 words and is very detailed.

The second article deals with Presidency, the Executive branch. Section two is 1,033 words, less than half the length of Section one. A ton of the section deals with how to elect the President and the rest of it is pretty limited in terms of what he can do.

The third section, as anyone who has watched Schoolhouse Rock should know, deals with the Judicial branch, i.e. the Supreme Court and lower Federal courts. This section is a mere 379 words and is very, very limited in terms of the scope of the power of the Supreme Court.

This makes it all the more bitterly ironic that the branch given the least attention in the Constitution now wields almost absolute power. Executive orders regarding immigration policy? Nope says the judiciary. A YouTube video exposing the casual brutality of Planned Parenthood? Nope, gotta remove that video says the judiciary. A "right" to abortion and a "right" to homosexual "marriage" that are not mentioned in any sense in the Constitution? Yep, those are right there in the Constitution and now we created a law that covers the entire United States without a single vote by the Congress.

The Founders would be aghast at what a mess we made of the nation they created and nowhere more so than the absolute power wielded by the judicial branch that makes law on a whim. In many ways we are a banana republic where people who have never gotten a single vote in an election make laws out of thin air that we all are bound by under threat of force and imprisonment.

Not too long ago I described America to an Amish guy as a person who went five days walking into the desert with three days of water. I might have to amend that as we probably only have one day worth of water left and our children and grandchildren are the ones who are going to suffer for our misdeeds.